Purveyors of Superlative Sake – Black Market Sake import and sell some of Japans finest Sake, Whisky, Umeshu & Yuzushu.

As the Japanese cuisine has become a popular dining choice in Australia, Daiwa Food Corporation has been recognised as one of the major Japanese food import and distributors. We supply comprehensive range of authentic Japanese food products and consumables to retail, catering and hospitality industries.

Jun Pacific have pioneered and led the Japanese food market scene since the opening of Tokyo Mart in 1976 in Sydney, North Bridge. They offer both high quality and inexpensive sake to suit all styles and tastes and understand how best to match it with authentic Japanese cuisine.

We believe that the traditional Saké must be “Junmai (pure rice) Jukuséi (vintage) Kan-zaké (warm)”.

Sakeshop is Sydney’s first dedicated sake store, launched in July 2017 in Stanmore by Leigh and Stephanie Hudson. Original store was first established in 2013 in Melbourne. Our mission is to supply Australians with premium artisan sake that would not normally leave Japan’s shores. In addition to sake, we also stock umeshu, shochu, yuzushu and Japanese beer. Sakeshop is also Australia’s only sake focussed WSET school offering sommeliers and enthusiasts beginner and advanced courses in sake.

Deja vu Sake Co was created through founder Yukino Ochiai and associates’ vision to introduce premium Japanese sake in 2012, all Deja vu Sake houses are family-owned and come from various regions, and they range from 100 years old to 5th oldest existing sake brewery with almost 470 years of history.

Established in 1548, Yoshinogawa is located in the Niigata Prefecture in the small city of Nagaoka City and is run by 19th generation owner Kawakami son. The region is known for its crisp, clean Sake with a dry finish.

Founded in 1823, the name Tengumai is derived from the meaning that even Tengu (a long-nosed goblin) would dance after tasting this Sake because the Sake tastes so good! The brewery is located in Ishikawa, surrounded by mountains that provide the pure local water.

Beautiful sake created by the harmony of people – we aim to reach this goal of ‘Wajoryoshu’ by brewing high quality sake that explores the possibility of flexibly and puts every effort into cultivating the future of Japanese sake.

Established in 1505, Kenshibi is the oldest existing brewery in the Nada Region, and the 4th oldest brewery in Japan. They produce a very unique style of Sake, continuing to use the Yamahai method and using wild yeast, and natural fermentation, with famous hard water called Miyamizu.

Our brewery, located in central Japan in a beautiful small town called Hida-Furukawa, may not be big but our sake is world class! We are proud to make many people smile and touch their hearts.

Importers of ‘hand made’ sake from small boutique Japanese producers of nihonshu (sake), Shochu, umeshu, yuzushu, Japanese whisky and craft beer from all over Japan.

Andre Bishop has been educating Australians about sake since 2000. His company Sake Master offers consulting services on Japanese beverages and imports the world famous Dassai sake. Dassai is one of Japan’s most prestigious breweries, crafting only super premium Junmai Daiginjo sake renown for it’s perfect balance of aromatics and sublime palate.

Every drop of Tōji Sake has been handcrafted using traditional techniques, with our Tōji (Brewmaster) bringing over 40 years of experience.
Our Tōji selects only the finest ingredients and brewed in the Niigata Prefecture – an area of Japan synonymous with high quality sake. The pristine waters of the Asahi mountain range, coupled with premium rice combine in perfect harmony to create a crisp, well-balanced sake.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Bishu Wine Imports is committed to connecting the makers of Japan to the Australian consumer by delivering hidden gems of Japanese Wines and Sake.