OCTOBER 19, 11AM – 3PM AND 4PM – 8PM
Cell Block Theatre
Forbes Street, Sydney, NSW, 2010

Love saké and want to get to know it better? SAKE MATSURI is the place to do it.

Come and try over 60 different varieties of saké brought in from Japan by Australia’s best importers. Taste and embrace both new and traditional styles of saké, from fine Junmai Daiginjo and Namazake to umami rich Junmai, and flavoursome aged Koshu nihonshu.

All alongside awesome food and palate-cleansing Japanese beers.

Your ticket includes ALL saké tastings plus a stemless, crystal wine glass to taste from and keep.

This festival runs over two sessions:

DAY SESSION: 11am till 3pm
EVENING SESSION: 4pm till 8pm

Don’t miss out!


Sake is one of the best food-pairing beverages there is, so naturally we wanted to give you the perfect food to match. Lucky for us we’ll have Rising Sun Workshop on site cooking for us.


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